Light Work & Shadow Work

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  • Light workers refer to the types of people who work with the light – the light here means soul.
  • Light workers make the conscious decision to devote their life to following what lights them up, lighting up the world with their presence or their services.

Light workers may be teachers, yogis, healers, leaders, speakers, doctors, meditation practitioners, reiki masters, mystics, coaches, artists, comedians, musicians, they may even go by the profession of “Light worker”.

Leonardo DaVinci labeled three categories of “awaken-ness” (or class) in humans; 

  • Those who see
  • Those who see when shown
  • Those who do not see (note, I say “asleep”)

Think of our psyches, our lives, our relationships, like a garden:

Shadow work is the process of digging deep into the earth, turning over the soil, digging up the bones. Tossing the bricks. The Light workers are the ones who plant the beautiful flowers. We need both and both have equal value.

Wendy Sinclair, 2017

Shadow work is not a spiritual concept but a psychological one, led by Carl Jung.

Jung concluded that the shadow side consists of all the hidden parts of our conscious mind.

It is far from easy but uncomfortable, confronting, and messy.

The real work requires the attitude of a warrior: will, determination, self-responsibility, sincerity, courage, and 100% commitment.

So now, who is “YOU”? That is really the beautiful unfolding that happens through soul work; in light and in shadows.


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