Wendy Sinclair

Intuitive Artist & Art-Based Transformation

About Wendy

I facilitate experiences and create spaces for people to connect with their true nature and express themselves.

My Point of View

I believe that modern medicinal practices lack the depths to respond to the simple needs of the human psyche and soul:

That we are most well when we are connected to the natural world and with our creative selves.

I’m an artist, writer, poet, designer, grief & grounding guide, leadership coach, and workplace wellness facilitator.

I am a mom-of-two boys, a free-spirit, a rebel, an intuitive, and a self-healer.

After learning from many challenging lessons and experiences, I now live aligned and authentically, and I serve others in the light and in the shadows.

Creating art for people to hang on their walls is only one facet of my work. What I most desire is to link my creativity with something socially useful that helps humanity into their own rebirth, or into the rebirth of this earth.

I offer a variety of services, modalities, and mediums because humans are dynamic and we appreciate a variety of tools.

First and foremost, I am a teacher. I would rather teach someone how to do something than do it for them.

As an expressive art & nature facilitator, I look for the treasure. I look for ways to enhance your quality of life.

My Creative & Intuitive Life

I’ll spare my life story, but the travels, blessings, and major difficulties along the way – all of them lessons and mini gurus – without doubt shaped my path, and so this is how I choose to live my whole-hearted life:

I am committed to authentic expression, personal growth, sharing wisdom, being a life-long learner, embracing community, taking risk, and seeking adventure.

I truly do test all my hair-brained schemes, answer the calls from my intuition and my guides, perform acts of courage, explore new terrain, create my own rituals, somatic practices, dance, listen to my body and internal wisdom (that’s #1) , experiment with any kind of art I am moved towards, and give myself permission to be who I really am and who I am evolving into.

I cherish and care for my higher self, my lower self, my child self.

This creates expansion in my own consciousness and ultimately the expansion of the human collective.

Our vocations, hobbies, interests, and professions are not who we are. They are what we commit to in order to stay in alignment of our higher purpose. They give us feedback on our true essence.

My Wheelhouse encompasses :

  • art and design
  • improvisation, theatre, dance
  • creative writing and spoken word
  • learning and development
  • teaching and facilitation
  • multi-generational community
  • fitness and wellness
  • solitude and individualism
  • nature and outdoor exploration (barefoot, of course!)
  • grief and end-of-life
  • generative practices
  • spirituality, metaphysics, quantum healing
  • somatic wisdom, intuition and guidance
  • risk and adventure
  • resilience

Wendy studied Theatre Arts and English literature at the University of Winnipeg and the City Literary Institute in London, England. She is a proud college drop-out and life-long learner of multiple areas of study.

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