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Body of Work

Big Art Book, Issue 5

Scarborough Arts (2016)

The BIG ART BOOK, by Scarborough Arts, is an anthology of visual arts and literature, published as a companion to the Annual Juried Exhibition.

The book features one of my poems and two watercolour paintings.

The Banister, Volume 31 (2016)

The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association publishes its Annual Poetry Anthology contest for residents of Ontario.

The publication features my poem Homesteadin’.

The Banister, Volume 31 (2019)

The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association publishes its Annual Poetry Anthology contest for residents of Ontario. The publication features my poem Spring Break Up.

Canadian Tales of the Heart , Volume VI (2016)

Canadian Tales of the Heart, published by Red Tuque Books features short stories from Canadian emerging writers.

The publication features my short story of a romance gone wrong: Black & Blue.

Food Security Outreach Program & Cookbook Series

Cook the ‘Hood (2008-2011)

Founded a multi-year community outreach program promoting local food initiatives and created a popular series of cookbooks based out of Vancouver, BC.

The unique design and fundraising model reflected the community spirit of our neighbourhood, promoted business improvement associations and local business merchants.

Raised funds for local food security charities.

We expanded to additional Vancouver neighbourhoods; Kitsilano, the West End, Austin Heights (Coquitlam) and partnerships with Maritime Heart Health in Halifax.

Read inaugural newspaper article from the Vancouver Sun here.

Fundraising Cookbook and Annual Dining Event

Eat Your Heart Out, Halifax! (Established 2010)

Eat Your Heart Out, Halifax’ is a collaboration between Cook the Hood Publishing and Maritime Heart Centre; a publication designed to raise awareness of heart disease and also raise critical funds for the charitable operations.

The book has sold out of the initial 2000 copies, which has generated up to $20,000 in funds raised.

Toronto’s First Barefoot Movement

Toronto Barefoot (Established 2021)

Co-Founded Toronto Barefoot with my pal, Daisy in 2021 after our barefoot hikes in the Rouge Valley of Toronto started generating interest from strangers passing by.

We believe mindfulness is great but bodyfulness is better as a first step to healing burn out, trauma, grief, dis-ease, mental & emotional issues. Grounding is essential – you got to start at the root and work your way up!

Nature provides reflexology. Each step you take on rocks, pebbles and logs puts pressure on your foot souls *see what I did there*, increasing internal organ function and soothing the nervous system. In fact, your feet will send soothing vibrations up your body that you can feel for days after. And your bare feet absorb the earth’s negative ions. (Despite the name, negative ions are good for us!)

Our earth has a heavily positive charged electromagnetic field (bad!) with electronic devices and pollutants which suppresses the immune system and causes anxiety.

Barefoot adventures are fun, natural, outdoorsy, fresh, social, playful, and require zero equipment, preparation, or skill. And the walks are partially silent so you can pay attention and be present. Which is essential to healing & wellness and to avoid injury. We are the only group in the city and we meet in Canada’s only national urban forest.

Watch the video

Functional Art & Photography

Robert McGee Photography

I created these limited edition decorative mugs in 2019 using alcohol ink and art resin. Rob, a friend and regular collaborator, is a prolific portrait photographer and his talent was integral for my sales campaign. These mugs sold like hot cakes!

Functional Art & Photography

Stacey Brandford Photography

It was an honour to collaborate with a friend and neighbour, and one of Toronto’s most recognized photographers for the marketing campaign of my limited edition decorative bowls. He brought classic art and style to my wild & colourful pieces!

Death by Small Talk

Let’s get deep. No shallow talk here. Toronto renaissance woman, Wendy Sinclair, talks beauty in this precious life as well as the beauty and grace related to the body – the physical, emotional, and esoteric.

Listen to (or read) “Death by Small Talk”: Audio Blog & Podcast-ish

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