Wendy Sinclair

Toronto Art Workshops & Facilitator of The Creative Life

“Death by Small Talk”: Narrated Stories & Podcast-ish

Series 1: Episode 1

How can generative practices like art, writing, and movement regulate the nervous system?

  • What are generative practices anyways?
  • How do I even know if my nervous system needs regulation?
  • Body acquaintance? What is that?

Series 1: Episode 2

Before mastering any relationship or path in life, master the relationship with your heart. Make friends with your heart’s wisdom, laws, and limitations.

What is the Heart’s job?
What exactly are her laws and her rules?
…and can she break?

Series 1: Episode 3

Allow me to breakdown one of the best “body” lessons I’ve ever learned.

I promise, this is not a bummer. This is not doom and gloom.

This is beautiful wisdom for your mind, body, and soul from one of the greats, Eckhart Tolle. 

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