“Death by Small Talk”

Art, Writing, Movement & Your Nervous System

How can generative practices like art, writing, and movement regulate the nervous system?

  • What are generative practices anyways?
  • How do I even know if my nervous system needs regulation?
  • Body acquaintance? What is that?

Yes, Your Heart is Smart

Before mastering any relationship or path in life, master the relationship with your heart. Make friends with your heart’s wisdom, laws, and limitations.

What is the Heart’s job?
What exactly are her laws and her rules?
…and can she break?

The Pain Body

Allow me to breakdown one of the best “body” lessons I’ve ever learned.

I promise, this is not a bummer. This is not doom and gloom.

This is beautiful wisdom for your mind, body, and soul from one of the greats, Eckhart Tolle. 

Light Work & Shadow Work

This episode is about contrasting the light and the shadows and the work we do in our psyches.

  • What is a light worker?
  • What is shadow work?
  • Why the hell should we do it and what boundaries in life have I set from all these years doing the work?

The narration was recorded raw and outside for birds in backing track. The reading blog-version contains only coles notes but some of my poetry from 2017 when oh boy, I was in the thick of it.
Enjoy! Get in touch if you want to discuss Jung, DaVinci, or dark castles.

Two identical photos of Wendy sitting in a park with her podcast equipment, smiling. . One is full colour and one is in black and white.