Employee / Contributor Experience

Employee Experience is the sum of all interactions a person has as a result of their job and working within an organization.

Every touchpoint an employee has with clients, vendors, technology, policy, procedure, colleagues, leadership, training, events, and physical environment make up the Employee Experience.

My goal is to target those interactions and pieces and build experiences that optimize team career development, retention, and satisfaction.

My 20 years as a Learning & Development Professional leading, designing, and delivering workplace competencies for dynamic audiences taught me that the key to talent and learning retention, is prioritizing the employee experience.

Wendy helped me plan and facilitate an interesting and rewarding team activity that encouraged reflection, empathy, and collaboration. She guided a group of 20 media developers through a two day session that saw them look back on their careers, bring context to their roles, and develop meaningful development goals for the future. The natural charm and ease that Wendy brought to the facilitation session was incredible, and the groups reaction and feedback were overwhelmingly positive.”

— Graeme Maitland, Operations Leader, TuesdayAfternoon Media Inc.

Trust and Transparency, Communication and Technology.

We are learning that as our remote and dispersed work populations continue to grow and succeed, we can attribute the retention and happiness of our employees to four basic notions: Trust and Transparency, Communication and Technology.

Employee Experience is filtered through individual expectations.

No two people are given the same experience therefor a variety of responses can be expected.

Employee Experience is part of why an individual decides to stay or leave an organization.

Employee Experience is happening at all times whether you design it or not.

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