Fluid Art at Home

You don’t have to be good at art for art to be good for you!

Wendy Sinclair specializes in the “arts that move”. As a fluid artist, she facilitates a unique art experience for Toronto communities, families, private events, and birthday parties.

Create your own masterpiece with Wendy Sinclair as your facilitator.

“I created this experience because enough people were calling me up and asking; ‘Can you make something colourful for our white walls?’, and I would say:
‘Probably! But wouldn’t it be more fun if I came over and showed you how to make it yourself?”

~ Wendy sinclair

Toronto’s Only In-Person Alcohol Inks Masterpiece Creation

Relax, have fun, and work with the magic of alcohol inks and the 10 techniques to create your own unique collectives masterpiece, or individual pieces of art in the comfort of your own home, event space, collaborating with friends and loved ones.

Get ready to impress yourself with instincts you may not have known you had!

Absolutely no art experience necessary.

What makes this experience so unique?

People are drawn to fluid art & alcohol inks because of its versatility, colour saturation, and endless possibilities. The trust and collaboration to create a piece that can, and will, look stunning as home decor is most of the fun!

INVESTMENT (includes materials)

2-hour small group event in your home or rented space (2 to 10 people): $65 + HST per person

2-hour large group event in your home or rented space (11 to 30 people): $45 + HST per person

“Thank you Wendy for inspiring me with these mediums and opening up the possibilities for seeing the world and colour in different ways.”

— Caitilin Griffiths, Professor in the East Asian Studies department at University of Toronto