Grounding and Somatic Events


Toronto’s FIRST Barefoot Movement (established 2021)

Barefoot adventures are fun, natural, outdoorsy, fresh, social, playful, and require zero equipment, preparation, or skill. And the walks are partially silent so you can pay attention and be present. Which is essential to healing and wellness and to avoid injury.

We are the only group in the city and we meet in Canada’s only national urban forest. Barefoot season runs from May to October.

Daisy and I co-Founded Toronto Barefoot in 2021 after our barefoot hikes in the Rouge Valley of Toronto started generating interest from strangers passing by.

We believe mindfulness is great but bodyfulness is better as a first step to healing burn out, trauma, grief, dis-ease, mental & emotional issues. Grounding is essential – you got to start at the root and work your way up!

Nature provides reflexology. Each step you take on rocks, pebbles and logs puts pressure on your foot souls *see what I did there*, increasing internal organ function and soothing the nervous system. In fact, your feet will send soothing vibrations up your body that you can feel for days after. And your bare feet absorb the earth’s negative ions. (Despite the name, negative ions are good for us!)

The guided Barefoot walks are approximately 3 hours in length. They include forest, hills, ravines, log walking, river walking and a bonfire. They are both social and partially silent, and fully guided.

Watch the video!

What Barefooters Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The barefoot hike though the Rouge is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! It was exciting, grounding, and empowering.

From choosing a companion stick to help me navigate the forest, feeling the variety of textures and temperatures at the soul of my feet, noticing all the beautiful expressions of nature surrounding us, feeling the current of the river as it flowed around me, being disconnected from my busy world for 3 hours, and so much more.”

Andrea J.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I realized my anxiety of what others may be thinking of me and my fitness level was keeping me from being present, enjoying the scenery and really connecting to the experience. I let it go. With the meditation practice and some encouragement, I brought my focus to the coolness of the water, the breeze on my face, the laughter and silliness of the hikers and I felt joy!”

Barb E.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“My first Barefoot Toronto journey was a revelation. Three hours barefoot through warm forest beds, moss-covered rocks, and cool waters isn’t something I imagined myself doing, but Wendy and Daisy proved potent guides. Within minutes, it seemed the most natural thing in the world. Looking forward to journey #2!”

Rob S.


Toronto’s weekly Friday night ecstatic dance event.

It’s a dance party. Live DJ’d music and a lot of fun, freestyle dancing that celebrates humour, playfulness, friendships, and self-expression.

It can be as introspective and solo as you like, or it can be social. partnered, and connected with others. At it’s core, The Move is a dance-meditation.

Some of us are influenced and inspired by our study of embodied movement and/or spiritual practices such as Soul Motion™, Authentic Movement, 5Rhythms®, Contact Improv, Continuum, Dance Our Way Home™, Eurythmy, and Soul Voice™.

No experience necessary, only the willingness to dance free-style and listen to the teachings of your own body, heart, and soul through movement. No one person is the leader of THE MOVE, and no one movement modality is the way or the path of THE MOVE. I hold position on the Advisory Council and I am a dedicated weekly MOVER.

Visit The Move’s website for dates, times, and location.