My Story

My art journey begins in 2015. I wanted another way besides creative writing, poetry, acting, and dance to express myself. It was time for me to be a visual artist.

I signed up for a watercolour class. I had never painted before but I liked the description — something about the beauty of chaos. I ended up selling my second painting, so I decided to turn it into a business.

Welcome to my online gallery.


One evening in art class, our teacher introduced one-line drawing as a warm-up activity. My soul caught on to it like wildfire. It soon became my “new thing” and the tool I used to express my internal dialogue and capture observations about the human condition, and my growing frustration with the socio-political landscape.

All these one-lines ultimately led to healing.

One-line drawings were just for me, and I made them with a complete disregard for what other people thought about them. It was another outlet to be silly, raw, and honest. Alas, more healing. One-line drawings are dear to my heart because they are total true reflections of “me”. They are often self-portraits, and when I first started, clothing was too cumbersome to draw in one line, so I drew everyone nude. The trick to one-line drawing is knowing “what to leave in, and what to leave out” (Thank you, Bob Segar)!

One-Line Drawings

I stumbled on alcohol inks, attracted to the bright, bold saturation. I soon figured out they were an incredibly difficult and chaotic medium to manage and that was the challenge I was up for next. It was all trial and error, big visions, and learning from YouTube videos and other Instagram artists.

If I could sum up the theme of my art and my artist statement in one word, it would be this:


Alcohol Inks

These days you can find me flip-flopping between these three mediums depending on my mood.

When I’m not making art you can find me writing poetry (a few get published now and then), hanging with my kids, or exploring nature in my wild, adventurous ways.

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