Wendy Sinclair

Artist and Facilitator


…And the “self-taught” artist….

As a learning professional who champions experiential learning, I owe most of my credentials to the “others” who shaped my experiences ~ I would not have the practice and wisdom I have to do what I do without the beings and bodies who accompanied me, mentored me, played student to me, danced with me. The mud and the poison ivy.

I am a coach who has a coach. I am a boss who reports to a boss. I meet regularly with a community of experts; social worker, family mediator, psychologist, chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist, osteopath, energy healer, art teacher, movement facilitator, business consultant, and spiritual guide. I test and practice my theories everyday with others. I am constantly taught and provoked by “others”.

The myth of the guru is that they appear in the form of an all-knowing, wise creature who holds superior information. A guru is anyone or anything that challenges our existing beliefs, holds a mirror up to our shadow self, and teaches us a lesson. That may come in the form of your most difficult child, the clouds that rolled in on your vacation, the guy in traffic who flipped you off, or the colleague who undermines your efforts.

As for the gurus who are wise creatures, holding superior knowledge ~ here are some of my recommendations: