Wendy Sinclair

Artist and Facilitator

Current Offerings

Below are my current offerings based on season, demand, focus, and schedule.

Grounding Grief

These sessions are designed for anyone experiencing loss, grief, or bereavement. Grief is not a mental illness, it is part of the human experience. I am a certified end-of-life doula and experience grief on an on-going basis. I incorporate somatic practices, grounding techniques, and nature to help you ground your unique grief.

Birthday Parties

I bring the materials, I entertain and lead the group. I ensure the tasks are organized, the mess is contained, the art gets made, the guest of honour feels special, and the guests are giggling. For kids & adults, ages 10+.

Somatic & Movement Sessions

These sessions are designed for anyone who feels disassociation or disconnection from their body. By investigating your body, you identify where you are stuck. We use dance and other movement techniques to reshape your experiences, practice bodyfulness, and experience joy, safety, connection, and freedom. Adding body wisdom to your toolbox.

Art Workshops

Weekend art workshops are starting up this Fall. Join me and 8 others for indoor exploration of alcohol inks, watercolours, and one-line drawing at my home studio in the Upper Beaches. Workshops are 2-4 hours in length. All abilities welcome. Ages 14+.

Art, Writing & Movement for the Nervous System

These session are for individuals who appreciate how art, writing, and movement are therapeutic but are not sure where to start, or are stuck on the belief they must have talent or skills in that area. Create a variety of generative practices to build resilience and resources. Take care of yourself and leverage external costly systems less frequently.

Writing & Design Services

I offer professional writing services, content creation, unique design, and learning strategies that solve problems and focus on clarity and culture. I assess you business needs and the experience of the end user. I specialize in web design, elearning, and other training modalities.

The Creative Life

Living a more creative life isn’t necessary about applying paint on canvas. It is not how often or not often you knit, draw, or paint that determines how “creative” you are. I work with individuals to unblock what holds them back from “seeing the content” that is right before our eyes. You can then discover your mediums as you wish and as often as you wish. Your “medium” might be painting. It might be blogging, chanting, dance, or needlepoint. Let’s find out.

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