Wendy Sinclair

Toronto Art Workshops & Facilitator of The Creative Life


Before any vocation or profession, I was a storyteller. I’ve been creative writing since I can remember. My published works include poetry, short stories, cookbooks, and learning programs.

My love for storytelling lately has transcended into spoken word art, off-key singing, and podcasts.

Let’s get deep. No shallow talk here. Toronto renaissance woman, Wendy Sinclair, talks beauty in this precious life as well as the beauty and grace related to the body – the physical, emotional, and esoteric.

Listen to “Death by Small Talk”: Narrated Stories & Podcast-ish

Read my stories below. Note that each one has the option to listen to an audio version.

The Pain Body

Allow me to breakdown one of the best “body” lessons I’ve ever learned.
I promise, this is not a bummer. This is not doom and gloom.

This is beautiful wisdom for your mind, body, and soul from one of the greats, Eckhart Tolle.

Art, Writing, Movement & Your Nervous System

Listen instead: Investigate the body. Create the necessary conditions for safety and connection. This is polyvagal theory. Our nervous system is a thread of nerves that comprises of three main systems related to the vagus nerve (“Polyvagal”). Polyvagal theory is an approach to therapy that acknowledges the autonomic nervous system is shaped by our early […]

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