Wendy Sinclair

Artist and Facilitator

The Creative Life

(Psst..It’s not about “art”)

Living a more creative life isn’t necessary about applying paint on canvas. It is not how often or not often you knit, draw, or paint that determines how creative you are.

I don’t believe those who long for a more creative life are trapped in ego and boredom.

We are all destined to live a life where we are receiving electrical currents of inspiration, and free to create outputs. Mostly, what we really want is to open our eyes and take in, rather than moving through this life on auto-pilot. I know many people who have “creative” jobs yet don’t feel self-expressed and playful.

Our creative paths are not our jobs, our hobbies, our vocations. Creativity is part of our higher purpose.

When we take in, we are creative. What I do best is teach folks what “taking in” means and how to work with it.

When we begin to unblock what holds us back from “seeing the content”, we can then choose our medium to accept and run those currents through us, then express as we wish and as often as we wish.

Your “medium” ~ I love that word, because I believe we are all mini mediums ~ might be sketching, blogging, poetry, taking photos, chanting, dance, or needlepoint. Let’s find out.

“We undertake certain exercises to achieve alignment with the creative energy of the universe.”

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way

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