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I’m a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist specializing in watercolour, alcohol ink, continuous line drawings, and poetry. And some combination of these.

The Gallery features just a few samples from the 1,000 pieces I have created since 2016.

There’s a bit of a nugget of information under each piece so you can learn a bit more about me.

I believe that modern medicinal practices lack the depths to respond to the simple needs of the human psyche and soul: That we are most well when we are connected to the natural world and with our creative selves.
I’m an artist, writer, poet, designer, grief wisdom & recovery specialist, leadership coach, and art & nature educator. I picked up the paintbrush for the first time in 2016, at the age of 35.
I think “talent” is misunderstood. Creatives don’t just wake up and effortlessly make beautiful things. We spend hours and hours researching, working, practicing, studying, and lots of trial and error on our own free time. It’s no different than any other skill or area of expertise.
Creating art for people to hang on their walls is only one facet of my work. What I most desire is to link my creativity with something socially useful that helps humanity into their own rebirth, or into the rebirth of this earth.
First and foremost, I am a teacher. I would rather teach someone how to do something than do it for them. As an arts educator, professional development coach and grief coach, I spend a lot of time helping people de-program & un-learn.
I am committed to authentic expression, personal growth, sharing wisdom, being a life-long learner, embracing community, taking risk, and seeking adventure. Over time this completely re-wires the brain.
As a child I had a wild imagination, convinced I would grow up to be a fiction writer. I did publish a series of Vancouver-based cookbooks in my 20s, and a few poems and short stories in my 30s.
I am inspired by nature; particularly the Canadian Shield and my winter upbringing in Winnipeg, my own healing, my inner child, and the expression that comes from both the egoic and higher self.
I am on the conscious path and prefer to spend time with other people who are, and work in spaces to help raise the overall consciousness of the world.
I like spending a lot of time alone. I’m a homebody either in my quiet house or out on an adventure. My creativity and intuition needs that in order to “see” what I need to see in order to make the best decisions. I enjoy my own company.
I am mom to two happy, healthy boys, and I have a twin sister, and an older brother. My dad passed away in 2019 which was a catalyst for my very profound spiritual awakening (since the first one in 2014).
I reject most mainstream ideas, culture, media, and I haven’t watched the news in almost a decade. I also don’t experience much anxiety, worry, or stress and I like to think there’s a connection there.
I used to be a social-media-social justice-warrior until I did my own shadow work and now I just do my part to dismantle systems of oppression in the work I do and with the people I coach.
I have and will always be a deep, soulful romantic person who believes in true love. I’m a Pisces! ‘Nuff said. Many of my art & poetry pieces are about romantic love.
I am quite obsessed with body wisdom and somatic healing. I am a dancer too, a mover & a shaker. I am home in my body. The deeper I listen to the body, the more heightened become my intuitive & clairvoyant gifts.
I don’t believe our vocations, hobbies, interests, and professions are who we are. They are what we commit to in order to stay in alignment of our higher purpose. They give us feedback on our true essence.
I believe I am here to share my wisdom and special abilities with the world so that we can grow & heal. I believe that I’m here to learn some profound lessons; radical acceptance, unconditional confidence, forgiveness, self love, and inherent worth.
The human experience and moments between humans are my favourite subjects to paint. But these are time consuming. I paint flowers whenever I am learning something new or practicing — so that’s why my portfolio is full of flowers!
I have created over 150 commissioned pieces for a global clientele. Words cannot express how much I enjoy working on anything for a sentimental purpose.
I paint people, pets, places, and abstract as well as digital design. I haven’t met a subject or concept I haven’t wanted to paint. I love legacy & memorials as it relates very much to my work in death & grief.

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Energy Exchange with Wendy Sinclair:
Energy & currency flows in many valuable ways other than cash, especially in these times. Nothing has been more beneficial for my financial, business, spiritual, social, networking, moral & joyful self than to partner with a variety of people to trade services or energy so we can all raise each other up. I typically allot 20 hours a month to exchanging my time, services, or products with those who have services, products, or offerings they can exchange with me. If you’re interested, connect with me and make me an offer.