Toronto ArtWork

Toronto Artwork Step 1. Get your team together!

Step 1: Get your team together!

Some of your team members have never met in person. Choose a bright-lit area or meeting room at your workplace. We come to you.

Toronto ArtWork step 2. Make art! lots of art!

Step 2: Make Art! Lots of Art!

Individually and collaboratively as a team. Time to make friends, real fast! No art experience necessary, we promise. This is low-stakes art!

Step 3: Display your team’s art!

The Collaborative Masterpieces are hung proudly on your workplace wall, And they’re stunning. Got empty walls? Problem solved!

Wendy Sinclair specializes in corporate learning and development. And as a fluid artist, she and her team facilitate a unique art experience for Toronto-based workplaces!

Joy & Art in the Workplace ~ (in person!)

Bring back life, joy, trust, creativity, face time, play, and most importantly, FUN to your workplace!

You’ve built your team, now start building your community.

This is a very vibrant, all-inclusive CREATIVE WORKSHOP that fully engages your talent, gets them off the computer, and lets them know their creativity counts at your organization.

There are deep lessons to be learned, though!

Folks will ditch the critical and perfectionist brain, embrace the visionary, and as a team create The Collaborative Masterpiece.

Art for play is an equalizer. It’s a fantastic way to connect without hierarchy, celebrate success and wins, and just, have a good time.

Note, this is not like a “Paint Nite” structure, where participants follow a series of steps to create a version of the same outcome. Instead we’ll create individual works and make a large communal piece to frame and show off {Yes, we bring the frames!}, and a few other community-building surprises up our sleeves.

We bring the tools, materials, and techniques. You folks bring the instincts. Absolutely no art experience necessary.

This can be a one-off special event or it can be scheduled every quarter, monthly, or as desired.

Available in-person within the Greater Toronto Area.

A woman blowing through a straw to create abstract art with alcohol inks
Two colleagues working together on a collaborative art piece and smiling.
A man dropping rubbing alcohol to mix with the alcohol inks.
a variety of ink bottles.
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Have a date in mind?

We’d love to (art)work with you.

My mission is to help people express their creativity, put their work out into the world, contribute to society, and co-create a community they want to live in.

— Wendy Sinclair, Creator of Toroto Artwork