Wendy Sinclair facilitates art as an accessible and transformative tool to connect individuals to their creativity, organizations to their dedicated people, and businesses to their customers.

Wendy Sinclair is an intuitive artist and renaissance woman.
Wendy Sinclair specializes in alcohol inks, watercolours, and continuous line drawings.
Wendy Sinclair making fluid art with alcohol inks.
Wendy Sinclair works with adults & children in the corporate, education, and healing spaces .
You don’t have to be good at art for art to be good for you!
Classic Parry Sound, Ontario in Watercolours by Wendy Sinclair
Wendy Sinclair services the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario region.

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Colour-saturated Canadian landscapes by Wendy Sinclair


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Upper Beaches, Toronto

Energy Exchange with Wendy Sinclair:
Energy & currency flows in many valuable ways other than cash, especially in these times. Nothing has been more beneficial for my financial, business, spiritual, social, networking, moral & joyful self than to partner with a variety of people to trade services or energy so we can all raise each other up. I typically allot 20 hours a month to exchanging my time, services, or products with those who have services, products, or offerings they can exchange with me. If you’re interested, connect with me and make me an offer.