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Sample Client Work (recent)

My portfolio over the last two decades includes: teaching, publishing, community outreach, corporate learning and development, script and storyboard writing, voice over talent, design and art direction, and leadership coaching.

I specialize in designing and facilitating conscious experiences and empowering others to apply new insight and information with their own gifts, talents, and the collective consciousness for problem solving.

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Art & Design Essentials for Entrepreneurs and Micro Business

I create logos and visuals by hand and digitally for entrepreneurs and micro businesses. What I prefer most is coaching self-starters (art experience or none) to learn the essentials of art and design for the purpose of creating their own sales and marketing assets and website maintenance.

Hand-drawn logo for Corvus consulting firm

For Robert McGee Photography, I created a painting using alcohol inks which he hangs on his studio door, on business cards, and uses digitally in his email signature and website.

For Lisa Lyle, founder of Wisdom of the Heart, I guided her through her own digital logo design, fonts, colour palette, and digital marketing assets and workbooks using the popular tool, Canva.

The Intuitive Logo & Style Guide

Second Story Therapy in Winnipeg asked me to create a very specific painting for them to use as identity and branding.

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I welcome art commissions

I have created over 150 commissioned pieces for a global clientele. My work is hanging on walls in homes in Europe, decorating beach resorts in Mexico, and wrapped up as birthday and Christmas presents.

Working together to actualize a vision is a powerful and exciting exchange of ideas and energy and is true manifestation. Words cannot express how much I enjoy working on anything for a sentimental purpose.

Giving art as a gift instead of mass-produced merchandise is thoughtful. It raises our vibration.

I paint people, pets, places, and abstract. I haven’t met a subject or concept I haven’t wanted to paint.

When a visual representation of our memories, hopes, identity, and goals, hangs on the wall, it can be a source of peace and inspiration, and can be used as a tool for presence, meditation, or simply, beauty in our homes or workplaces.

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Soul Work

Since the winter of 2022 I have been working 1:1 with individuals on their healing journey through my work as a certified end of life specialist and grief advocate. It sounds only morbid, but I help any kind of experience, such as stress, burn-out, indecisiveness, or transitions.

My own healing journey, which includes somatic and cognitive practices combined with my intuitive gifts enables me to provide soul work to the ones who call on me.

I have served a variety of individuals, men, women, adults and teens. I resonate the most with individuals who want to build self-trust, a connection to their body, and who believe in their own magic.

I guide individuals who are on the brink of death or a massive awakening. I am called to both light work and shadow work.

To see if we’re a fit, we should talk for 30 minutes and go from there.


(416) 831-3811


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