The Art of Getting Better

You don’t have to be good at art for art to be good for you!

Art + You + Care = The Art of Getting Better

The Art of Getting Better is a 4-part series of virtual workshops that connects individuals to their creativity and introduces art-based activities for the purpose of creating better, more long-lasting, more authentic self care routines, with light-hearted exposure to the elements of art.

This program is designed for the non-artists and for individuals who feel disconnected to the “self” and/or a desire to create and maintain self care practices.

Each session is 1.5 hours with community connection and takeaway activities and challenges to receive maximum benefits between sessions. The environment is fun, non-judgmental and creative.

Session 1: Art

Session 2: You

Session 3: Care

Session 4: Putting it All Together


Session 1: Art

In this first session, we’ll learn and practice the essential elements of art: line, colour, shape, value, texture, and space. No art experience necessary! We’ll apply these elements as a tool for communication, self reflection and for calmness. You’ll walk away with weekly challenges to practice and build on the elements of art and start developing your own style.

Session 2: You

The second session focuses on YOU ~ the self. We’ll examine the core of our essence, our values, special gifts and passions. We’ll use the concept of “patterns” in art to identify the patterns in our own habits, self-concepts, and limiting beliefs. You are invited t o share or not share as much as you feel comfortable with during all these sessions.

Session 3: Care

The third session explores the mind and body responses to determining the self care practices best aligned with our true needs and essence. You’ll explore self care practices moving forward that consider one key ingredient in order to create your own Self Care Manifesto.

Session 4: Putting it All Together

Our fourth and last session is devoted to our Self Care Manifestos and goals for the future. You are invited to continue taking part in on-going creative challenges to sustain your self care practices and new artistic hobby.



Women and nonbinary folks have been leaning on each other for support long before the internet came along and introduced us to chat forums, email newsletters, and Facebook groups. We naturally know how to gather, share, and learn from each other. This community is no different. Join likeminded, supportive people in small group sizes.

Art exploration & techniques

We only need the basics of art tools; pencil crayons, markers, sharpie pens, and perhaps pastels to play, explore, and find our own personal style. We’ll go from doodles and chicken-scratch to creative exploration that can be used as meditation and may open the floodgates to a new hobby!


The Art of Getting Better ensures the following pillars are applied to all experiences: connected, community, inspired, guided, judgement free, and fun. We ask that folks bring the same pillars to the program and please, please, ditch any need for perfectionism, people-pleasing, and self-deprecation.

Weekly off-line art & self care challenges

Due to popular demand, off-line personal takeaway activities and challenges are given out to sustain and build on the session’s concepts, and prompt deeper discovery for self care, providing the maximum benefits between sessions and having fun with your personal art style.

Allow me to explain:

The Art of Getting Better” makes room for curiosity, for laughter, for connection, and Wendy’s style allowed for us to do it all so simply.

— Sarah Hines, Founder & Executive Coach of The Lodge


  • Begin to use art as a self care practice.
  • Learn the basic elements of art.
  • Create self care goals that lead with the secret sauce (that isn’t motivation).
  • Gain better understanding of your true essence.
  • Form long-lasting habits.
  • Build new friendships and community.

Join The Art of Getting Better.